ALPINE LIFT Workshop: Laser in Photovoltaics

The first "Laser in Photovoltaics" workshop will be held in Bordeaux, on September 29-30th 2011.
Lasers have already proven their ability to bring speed and quality in the solar cells or solar panel manufacturing. Their use is increasing rapidly with new applications being developed both for Silicon cells and thin film panels.
The ALPINE and LIFT projects are investigating the optimization of laser sources and laser processes in particular for photovoltaics manufacturing. This first workshop will give a chance to laser source manufacturers and laser integrators to meet and discuss the latest developments and needs for the present and future PV market.
The program includes invited papers from top European players and contributed posters as well as large time for exchanges and debates.


The workshop will be opened by the Keynote speech 'The future of photovoltaics' given by  Gerhard Willeke from ISE Fraunhofer, Germany.

Workshop location.


Download the workshop leaflet