Quanta System s.p.a. (ITALY)

QUANTA SYSTEM S.p.A. was founded in 1985 to perform advanced research in electro-optics, including solid-state lasers and industrial lasers. Now into its fourth lustrum, Quanta System can rightly claim to be one of the most advanced high-tech companies producing lasers both for research, industrial and medical applications.
The company is structured into three main sections: medical division, manufacturing lasers and accessories for medical applications, ranging from aesthetic to general surgery, dentistry and many others; industrial division, taking care of the products for marking, solar cells manufacturing, cutting, deep engraving; scientific division, manufacturing high energy ns and ps lasers for a number of scientific applications, ranging from plasma physics to LIBS, LIDAR, and many others. At the moment Quanta System employs 75 persons, most of which are Ph.Ds and graduated laser engineers.

Role in the project

QUANTA will work on laser design and development (WP1 and WP2), and dissemination (WP8). QUANTA will develop a high power, highly flexible MOPA based system in order to have a highly performing and flexible system for investigating the multi-variable process parameters.
QUANTA will feed the needs of WP2 for optimizing the high-end key fiber-optical components needed for building the MOPA system. Eventually it will allow process study with a highly flexible unit. Other precipitants will take advantage of these results for developing a custom Q-switched laser to produce some 100W of average power. Quanta will develop custom electronics, mechanics, fiber-optic based MOPA system and finally, QUANTA will use its worldwide network to help in the dissemination.

The key personnel to be involved in the project activity includes:

Fabio Ferrario graduated Electronic Engineer in 1998 in Politecnico di Milano. He has been working in Politecnico di Milano and university of Tel Aviv on atomic clocks and frequency standards based on frequency stabilized single frequency laser sources. He joined Quanta System in 2000 developing electronics and optical layout for active feed-back mode-locked Nd:YAG lasers. He has been developing high-speed digital electronics for a number of applications. In Quanta System he's R&D Manager and his works involve development of high power highly efficient lasers both infrared and frequency doubled for microelectronic applications, high power intracavity doubled lasers. He's also leading a joint project for developing high peak power fiber lasers.

Carlo Malvicini graduated nuclear engineer, in Politecnico di Milano. He worked as a researcher in CISE for 20 years, concentrating his efforts in physics and laser engineering. He developed a number of laser system from high power CW to high energy ps mode locked systems. He developed a ps low jitter mode locked laser locked to the CERN accelerator. He joined Quanta System in 1989 and is one the founders of the company. Now he is technical director of the company and deals most of the time with electronics and control systems.

Franco Brioschi is the Executive Manager of Laser Sources Division in Quanta System. After his master degree in Nuclear Engineering got in 1986 in Politecnico of Milan, he joined the Electro-Optics Division of CISE in 1987, where he has been involved in many national and international projects as laser designer. Main projects were sponsored by European Space Agency and European Community beside by National Research Council, Agenzia Spaziale Italiana, National Electricity Board, for designing and developing of solid state laser systems for LIDAR, spectroscopy and matter interaction applications. He joined to Quanta System as senior researcher and R&D division manager. Since beginning of 2007 he manages again the R&D division.