OCLARO Zurich had gained over 20 years of continuous experience in the field of semiconductor laser diode. The OCLARO Zurich facility has produced high brightness high reliability pump laser diodes for over twenty years. From the first 980 nm pump laser for the amplification in terrestrial and sub-sea telecommunication networks to today’s cutting edge high power laser diodes for industrial, medical, printing display and defence applications the facility continues to push the boundaries of what is technically possible.
Now a leading independent player in the industrial laser market, OCLARO has pioneered high power laser diode development with the first 120W 9xx nm bar and 8W multimode fiber laser pump module. The continued investment in technology has resulted in a state of the art facility in Zurich with its highly automated manufacturing processes for high volume production capability. 
OCLARO is a leading manufacturer of optoelectronic components and sub-systems for telecom and industrial applications. OCLARO Switzerland AG is a key supplier for high power laser diodes as well as vertical cavity surface emitting laser diodes (VCSEL). The site is located in Zurich and has been formerly known as a part of the IBM Europe research center in Rüschlikon, Switzerland with a long track record in development of breakthrough technologies and high volume manufacturing of laser diodes. OCLARO Switzerland's products are serving range from pumping of erbium-doped amplifiers, solid-state and fiber lasers, direct material processing over medical and printing application to motion sensing in computer mice. The site is fully integrated and covers all areas from development over manufacturing to marketing and sales. From the around 150 people about 40 carry PhD, approximately 35 people are located in R&D and Engineering (www.OCLARO.com).

Role in the project

As the leader for WP2 OCLARO will be involved in developing and providing to the other partners, narrow linewidth DFB seed lasers compatible with high frequency operation. In addition, OCLARO will provide pump lasers with dichroic filters for pump protection. The specifications of those devices will be defined and verified in WP1 and WP3.

Key personal to be involved in the project activity includes:

Dr. Norbert Lichtenstein received his PhD degree from the University of Stuttgart for his work involving novel high-power red-emitting laser diode types with a main focus on high brightness, wavelength stabilised lasers. Norbert Lichtenstein joined Uniphase Laser Enterprise in 1998 leading Uniphase's program for broad area laser device development. At the site in Zurich he held different positions in development and management within JDS Uniphase, Nortel Network as well as OCLARO including responsibility for development of 980 nm telecom laser, 1480 nm pump laser and laser diode bars. In his current position as Director R&D he oversees OCLARO's new product development of high power laser diodes for telecom and industrial applications. Mr. Lichtenstein is the author or co-author of more than 35 publications as well as of several patents.

Dr. Julien Boucart obtained physic engineering degree in 1996. In 1999 he received his PhD degree from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA Toulouse, France) for his work conducted in the Alcatel Corporate Research Center in Marcoussis France. The main focus was to develop a long wavelength (1.55µm) monolithic Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers. In 1999, he joined Bandwidth9 (USA) a startup company focusing on developing tunable laser transceivers where he was part of the core development team. In 2003, he joined the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland) where he worked on many topics ranging from VCSELs to Carbon nanotubes for electronic and optoelectronic applications. Since 2006, he is part of the R&D group at OCLARO Switzerland (Zürich) where he manages different projects in the field of narrow stripe lasers. Dr Boucart authored and coauthored more than 20 papers and owns several patents.