EOLITE Systems was incorporated in July 2004. The company has presently 16 employees.  We develop and manufacture high power nanosecond fiber lasers. The company has invented and patented a unique technology to obtain 10 ns, high peak power pulses at very high repetition rates. Based on specific Photonic Crystal Fiber, this technology makes possible the production or the amplification of high peak power polarized pulses. EOLITE's portfolio includes 1 to 10 ns lasers with powers up to 60W at 1030 nm. This allows fiber lasers to challenge usual bulk lasers in new domains including visible and UV spectral regions. The EOLITE team specializes in all technologies needed for laser manufacturing from electronics to mechanics and optics. EOLITE has a unique experience in the production of very high power nanosecond lasers. EOLITE's lasers are used for semiconductors micro-machining, solar cell scribing, diamond cutting and several other industrial applications EOLITE is located near Bordeaux in France in the very active Laser Cluster "Route des Lasers" and is present in Europe, Asia and United States.

Role in the project

EOLITE will work on laser design and development (WP1 and WP2), fiber design and test (WP3), beam handling and shaping (WP5) and dissemination (WP8). EOLITE will develop a high power amplifier based on its proprietary rod type technology in order to define the optimum laser parameters for the different processes involved in the solar cell manufacturing. Based on these first test EOLITE will develop a custom Q-switched laser to produce over 100W of average power in order to boost the process efficiency and all the high power frequency conversion modules. EOLITE will participate to the development of optimized photonic crystal fibers by using its long time knowledge in these fibers to define the fiber parameters and will test the fibers in its laser test bed. EOLITE will use its optician knowledge to participate to the development of beam shaping systems and will work on the integration of these systems in lasers. Finally, EOLITE will use its worldwide network to help in the dissemination.

The key personnel to be involved in the project activity includes:

François Salin is EOLITE's vice president and CTO. He has been working in the laser community for 23 years. He published over 140 scientific papers on lasers and own 10 patents. He is a well know expert of pulsed solid state lasers and has been in the scientific committee of several international conferences. He has founded the Center for Intense Lasers and Applications and the Technological Transfert Center PALA at the University of Bordeaux. He left the University in 2004 and co-founded EOLITE Systems.
During its career as researcher François had over 160 international publications, 150 presentations, 12 patents and was awarded multiple scientific nominations.

Louis Mcdonagh is senior laboratory engineer. After graduating from the Ecole Superieure d'Optique, he spent one year at Spectra-Physics and work on his PhD thesis at the University of Kaiserslautern with Pr. Wallenstein on high power nanosecond lasers and non-linear optics. He has an extensive experience of high power visible and UV solid-state lasers

Julien Saby is junior laboratory engineer. He has an M. Sc and an engineer degree from the Institute of Optics Graduate School. He has a long experience with Q-switched fiber laser and specializes in technology related to high power fiber lasers. Julien Saby has a strong background in optics and laser beam propagation.