NEXCIS is young SME that was founded as a start up involving EDF PV strategy. The company is owned by CEO (Dr. Olivier Kerrec), EDF and SIIS Luxembourg (100% of capital belonging to the CEO of EDF-EN) and is specialised in the manufacturing of CIGS solar cells and modules from electrodeposition. The NEXCIS team involved in the project gathers and follows the strong experience formerly acquired at IRDEP associating EDF, CNRS and ENSCP, on the technological development of ED based processes for CIS cells. IRDEP is leader at international level on these technologies, having reported the maximum efficiencies obtained so far from devices fabricated with one-step electrodeposited CuInSe2 precursors (11.4% world record). The company is fully equipped for thin film deposition, device and module completion, optoelectronic semiconductor and device characterization, analysis and modelling.
NEXCIS is equipped with all facilities for the small scale fabrication of electrodeposited based Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 solar devices up to a size of (30x60)cm2. Machinery at NEXCIS comprises electrolysers for research and development, RTA (Rapid Thermal Annealing) furnaces, CBD (Chemical Bath Deposition) facilities, sputtering machines, substrate preparation, and interconnexion. Scribing and modularization tools are also available. Optoelectronic characterization sets up either for final solar cell and semiconducting materials characterization and loss diagnosis are available.  Optoelectronic characterization sets up either for final solar cells and semiconducting materials characterization and loss diagnosis is available. In particular a Class A solar simulator together with a Response Spectral System are available for solar cell performance measurement and loss diagnostics. Other electrical characteristics are I (V,T), Hall effect, sheet resistance and C (V,ω,T) for determination of electrical defects and DLTS capacities are also available. SPS surface technique is also available. Analytical techniques as XRD, XRF, SEM, EDX, SIMS, Raman spectroscopy are also available.
As associated to a big industrial partner (EDF) NEXCIS is interested in at term mass production of low-cost thin film modules. Project results will be made available to the industrial and scientific partners.


Role in the project

Besides acting as Scientific Coordinator, NEXCIS will be mainly involved in WP4 for the fabrication and delivering to laser partners of electrodeposited based CuIn(S,Se)2. An important task of NEXCIS will be also the validation of scribing for further modules.


Key personal to be involved in the project activity includes

Dr. Veronica Bermudez is the Characterization and Control Quality Head at NEXCIS. She is also the research project leader form NEXCIS. She has PhD in Physics by the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. She has more than ten years of experience in semiconductor and device characterization. She was formerly at IRDEP. She has an advance experience in the diagnosis of losses in thin film PV devices, and she is specialised in optoelectronic characterization. She has experience in CIGS based systems as well as CdTe devices where she has being director of a PhD thesis and directed one national project. She has been participating in European research projects since 1999. She is author or co-author of more than 90 papers in ISI-indexed journals. At present she is Associated Editor of “Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy” (by AIP) and takes part in several programs for gender issues. 10%

Pierre-Philippe Grand, research engineer, NEXCIS. From 2002 he is in charge of the In charge of the Electrochemistry Group. His expertise is in Optimization and modification of Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 in PV solar cells by electrodeposition and the up scaling of electrodeposition processes