List of projects of interest, with topics related to the Alpine project.


Improvement and optimization of laser processes to facilitate their integration into industrial PV manufacturing:
1.    High throughput laser junction isolation
2.    Laser-selective emitter doping
3.    Development of prototype lasers individually optimized for these processes
4.    Development of a high speed laser scanning system for very high ablation and welding rates to meet an industrial throughput of 2000 wafers/hour
5.    Integration of the main new laser components and processes into one PV manufacturing system


Development of  innovative laser sources with intelligent beam delivery systems and dynamic beam manipulation, in continuous-wave, nanosecond pulsed, and ultra-short pulsed femtosecond laser sources, operating at power levels ranging into the kilowatt regime.
Objectives: radical advances in four important application areas:
1.    Laser Materials Processing
2.    Health Care Delivery
3.    Cost-Effective Manufacturing of Solar Cells for Renewable Energy
4.    Manufacturing of the next-generation of ICs with nanometre feature size



High brilliance laser development for welding polymer materials
1.    Break new paths for the laser beam processing of advanced polymeric materials
2.    Exploit the benefits of new high brilliance laser sources
3.    Challenge the limits of conventional joining processes as well as existing production systems and equipment